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12V 10V Siren Circuit

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“12 Volt 10 Watt Siren Circuit” in various shades with integrated UM3561 (police, ambulance, fire) 10w 12volt power supply and siren circuit
The integrated circuit’s supply 3 volts and 5 volts for the 3.3 volt zener regulated by supply made

The test tone siren circuit;

12V 10V Siren Circuit  um3561 12v siren.thumbnail 12V 10V Siren Circuit  12v siren pcb.thumbnail 12V 10V Siren Circuit  12v siren.thumbnail

Siren circuit works with a 12 volt car alarm or warning home alarm systems suitable for applications in integrated circuit UM3561 can give 0.2W power transistors integrated with BC547 and IRF9540 power output 10w made ​​to give enhanced

source: reber.si

UM3561A Three Siren Sound Generator

12V 10V Siren Circuit  um3561

UM3561 is a low-cost, low-power CMOS LSI designed for use in alarm and toy applications. Since the integrated circuit includes oscillator and selector circuits, a compact sound module can be constructed with only a few additional components. The M3561 contains a programmed mask ROM to simulate siren sound.

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