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MOC3041 12 Channel Isolated Triac Module

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Several control applications lamp, motor, electronic devices, etc.. you can use 12-channel isolated triac MOC3041 motorola module card .. Insulation work done by theriac drive instead of being used BT136 BT138 triacs or leg connections matching the triac used. Look circuits, uncluttered layout elements idc types of signal input through the socket while the other parts are made out of two terminals `s ..

Meanwhile triac metal parts of the case are associated with a central leg in these areas are high-voltage circuit, be careful when running tests

MOC3041 12 Channel Isolated Triac Module  bt136 triacs high optical network circuits leds moc3041 230v

Source: mirley.firlej.org/uklad_wykonawczy_12tr alternative moc3041-12-channel-isolated-triac-module.rar alternative link3

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