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10KHz – 1.2GHz Frequency Meter with LCD Display

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The construction of the meter is the result of many experiments on the use of different frequency and construction of both factory as well as amateur. Experience shows several characters, which must meet a good gauge.

– As the highest refresh rate (limited time only basis and splitting preskalera)
– Input preskaler reset repeatedly in the cycle to ensure stability of measurement (eliminates skaczace numbers for the last spot measurement),
– A stable pattern of frequencies (since it depends on the accuracy of measurement),
– Readable display allows quick read (LED) in all (clear) the lighting display (LCD),
– Stable housing for the working desk,
– Universal power supply network and battery.

LCD Frequency Meter

10KHz   1.2GHz Frequency Meter with LCD Display ghz dijital analog frekansmetre

Developed the instrument has the following parameters:
– The extent of the measures 10kHz – 1.2 GHz with 2 bands (separate entrance): HF 10kHz – 70MHz, 70MHz UHF – 1.2 GHz
– 4 basis of time (a resolution of 10Hz and 100Hz measurement for HF; 100Hz to 1kHz and UHF),
– Sensitivity <30mV @ 50R, - Refresh the limited input - Pattern TCXO 10MHz 1 ppm (made by Geyer) - LCD 7-segment (a lot more speed than the LCD alphanumeric and greater legibility than LEDs), - The metal casing, - DC power 10 - 30V or 230V AC network, - Output generator standard 10 MHz Source: sq2ahr.sp-qrp.pl/ 10KHz – 1.2GHz Frequency Meter with LCD Display pcb sch altwernative link: 10khz-1-2ghz-frequency-meter-with-lcd-display.rar alternative link2

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