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100W Transistor Amplifier Circuit TIP3055

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100w amp circuits 100w total output power of 50w per channel is not symmetric single source of supply for 63 volt dc supply transformer 43v ac suggested 8amp npn output transistors tip3055

Amplifier specific areas on the circuit diagram of the given values ​​of the voltage VR1, VR2 potentiometer can adjust to these values​​. You can use in the supply circuit 6A10 diode or diode bridge may be ready KBU10M specified as advice uF filter capacitor 6800uF 4700uF (80v-100v) or higher (10000uF) use a value

100W Transistor Amplifier Circuit TIP3055 100w anfi devresi tip3055 60volt

This configuration is known as a class AB amplifier with quasi complementary Darlington pair, and incorporates an NPN Darlington transistor pair and a consistent pair fed a retro transistor NPN and one PNP. The output transistors are NPN Similar capable of handling high power. The A683 and D400 transistors are complementary and do not need to handle high power.

TIP3055 Transistor 100W Amplifier Circuit

100W Transistor Amplifier Circuit TIP3055 100watt anfi devre semasi tip3055

100W Transistor Amplifier Circuit TIP3055 tip3055 amplifier circuit schema

Source:http://videorockola.com 100W Amplifier circuit schemtic pcb files alternative link: 100w-transistor-amplifier-circuit-tip3055.rar

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