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1000W Amplifier Circuit 2SC5200 2AS1943

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BTJ type power amplifier module 2SC5200 NPN transistors can take a 6 and 6 2AS1943 connected. PCB design simple, not too complicated input and output connections Serenity … 30mA of current 25 to be set

Symmetrical circuit supply voltage 90V DC +-75V is available ….

CAUTION 1000w amp module is working with high voltage capacitor connection Observe caution + – If you connect the high voltage polarity may be large explosions before running the insured Power Line circuit, protective goggles

1000W Amplifier Circuit 2SC5200 2AS1943 1000w amp 2sc5200 2sa1943 amplifier circuit scehema pcb

1000w amp pcb schematic files: 1000w-amplifier-circuit-2sc5200-2as1943.rar

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