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100W Hifi Amplifier Circuit

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100W Hi Fi Amplifier circuit has quite a stylish design pcb printed circuit mono tracks you want to be found easily, or two-channel stereo is available with two circuits. MJE15030 output power transistors (NPN) MJE15031 (PNP) output filter 16 from the wire coil wrapped around 0.75mm 15ohm 2w on the resistance of the circuit to +35 V-36V DC power supply will be symmetric

100W Hifi Amplifier Circuit 100w anfi devresi pcb ust

There need to do a little adjusting circuit quiescent current to the input and output circuits must be adjusted with VR1 without establishing a connection is made between the speaker output and the chassis will do measurements VR1 is adjusted until indicator shows 50mV.

100W Hifi Amplifier Circuit pcb schematic: 100w-hifi-amplifier-circuit.rar

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