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In our workshop, to run various circuits, or battery, battery charger that you can use in projects 0.x 0:30 volt power supply circuit that contains a variety of amps I’ve prepared a package. In addition to the professional power supply circuit includes a simple low-power designs.

Circuit in the voltage range of 0.30 volts forces 0.2.5 amps 12:10 amps 10 amp circuits having a little complicated and the cost is high picture circuit a break I’ve done, but a small mistake results can not run error until you find it so much uğraştım afterwards have to pick arrived projects were left unfinished elements with more than be careful teardown

0 0 30 volts 2.5 Amps LM324, BD135, 2N3773
0 30 volts 0 3 Amps TL081, 2N3055
0 0 5 Amps 2N3055 30 volts, LM723, CA3140
0 30 volts 0 5 Amps TIP35C, BD441, 2N3053, BC639, BC547, BC640
0 30 volts 0 10 Amps LM741, LM723, BC557B, BC547B, BD646
0 30 volts 0 10 Amps LM358, CD4011, BC548, BC558, TIP142, 2N3019

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