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dsPIC30F3013 elm327p automotive racing monitor

Microchip / Circuit Cellar 2007 design contest dsPIC30F3013 elm327p Universal Automotive Racing Performance Monitor Real time performance data for your car

The microcontroller used to do the show calculations is the Semiconductor dsPIC 30f3013. This microcontroller has IEEE floating lie sustenance, which was required for sudden preparation of miles cosmopolitan from the container deepen messages. The other criteria for the microcontroller is the availability of 2 UARTs, which to 30F313 provides. 2 UARTS are requisite because both the LCD and the ELM 327 OBD-II transceiver covenant via RS232 at TLL emf levels.


The goal of this project entry is to take the data available on the OBD-II port, rationalize it, and make the following information available to the driver:

  • – 0 to 60 timer
  • – Real time Miles per Gallon (MPG) fuel economy
  • – 1/4 and 1/8 Mile timers
  • – Real time “Boost” (Intake Manifold Pressure)

The “brain” of this project is a Microchip dsPIC 30F3013 16-bit digital signal processor. The dsPIC 30F3013 was chosen for its floating point support and the availability of 2 UARTs. SRPM_Core.c Real-Time Workshop code generated for Simulink model SRPM_Core. Author: Josh Lemke

dsPIC30F3013 elm327p automotive racing monitor

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