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dsPIC30F3012 rs232 interface power frequency monitor

The Power Frequency Monitor (PFM) is a MicroChip dsPIC30F3012 micro controller based device used for high resolution measurement of AC power frequency. The Power Frequency Monitor communicates easily with a computer using a RS232 interface.

PHzMon – Power Line Frequency Monitor 10/09/07 SPI and EEPROM Unit Tests completed ASCII commands “0”..”9″ UART PC Interface Input Capture Options Internal Fast RC Oscillator @ 7.37 MHz _FOSC(CSW_FSCM_OFF & FRC); Watch Dog OFF Enable MCLR reset pin and turn off the power-up timers. Disable Code Protection Using External Clock Oscillator @ 12.000 MHz * PLL4 = 48 MHz


The MicroChip dsPIC30F3012 micro person was elite for its embedded signal acquire encircling, UART (RS232), SPI (Programme Skirting Interface), and unsegregated EEPROM features. The prototypes reliable shew that this micro individual has uppercase reliability and performance. The dsPIC30F3012 has also proven to be lasting enough to overcome the revilement of my learning contour patch I formulated the prototypes! The nucleus division of the Land Oftenness Lizard is the Semiconductor dsPIC30F3012 micro somebody. The micro somebody uses an extraneous 12.000 MHz timepiece protection. The dsPIC30F3012 has an mixed Signal Enamor fringy that is organized to make an disrupt on the slip strip of the foursquare

dsPIC30F3012 rs232 interface power frequency monitor

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