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dsPIC30F301 laser light backscatter lcd keypad input

Microchip 16-bit Embedded Design Contest Determining Surface Roughness By Laser Light Backscatter Registration Number – MT2254 October 16, 2007 As a stand alone measurement system with user interaction, the project needs some sort of intelligence. A Microchip brand dsPIC microcontroller was chosen to provide this intelligence.


A microcontroller can be described as a microprocessor, but with a high integration of memory and peripherals. The dsPIC30F3013 had all the memory and peripheral needed to control this project on-board. The schematic was created in Orcad Capture 10.5

The dsPIC30F3013 variant was chosen specifically for its 12-bit analog to digital converter and pin count. Each of the 28 pins of this device was consumed in the development and deployment of this project. The 12-bit ADC peripheral handles the conversion of an analog voltage to a 12-bit representation of the voltage. Author: Gregory Cloutier

dsPIC30F301 laser light backscatter lcd keypad input

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