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Dijital VGA Switch

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MAX465, MAXIM. In order to produce the first component video switch, once considered MAX465 Unfortunately, in the electronic market is not found, MAXIM made on the sample application. EL4332,MAX465,. After more than three weeks, were a surprise. During this period, however, I have chosen the EL4332 component video switch as the core, but has received only a MAX465, and so they put it aside temporarily. MAX465,MAX465 VGA. When I completed a component video switch, Looking back at how to use this piece of MAX465, think of this, I can make a MAX465 VGA-sharing. PC,VGA SwitchLCD. I have two PC at home, through a mechanical VGA Switch shared an LCD monitors.

Analog VGA Switch



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Dijital Switch Görüntüsü


Kaynak: VGA Switch alternatif link: Dijital VGA Switch

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