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Bitmap (BMP)Protel PCB converter

Projel baskı devre çizim programınında kullanabileceğiniz çevirici program. Dili ingilizcedir fakat kullanımı çok kolay ve kurulum gerektirmez


This program was designed to allow importing of bitmap images onto a Protel PCB. The ouput of this program is a generic Protel PCB file. Simply open this PCB design in the PCB editor, select and copy this area. Then paste the image onto your circuit board design.

To use this program click on Input Bitmap Choose. Select a BLACK and WHITE image. Although a color image may be chosen the program only looks for BW pixels. You may choose the board layer but with cutting and
pasting it really doesn’t matter. You may also scale the image and perform simple transformations. Finally click on Output PCB choose and select and output filename. The PCB image will then be generated.

This was a quick and easy hack to get an image onto a PCB. It serves my purpose and it may be of some use to you. I release it AS-IS.

This is unsupported freeware copyright ©1998 by Paul D. Fincato. Written in Borland C++ Builder 3.0.

No warranty for fit nor purpose is implied. Use this sofware at your own risk, the author, Paul D. Fincato, assumes no liability for use or misuse.

Protel is a registered trademark of PROTEL INTERNATIONAL PTY LTD and property of it’s registered owner.
(Visit them at www.protel.com)

BORLAND is a registered trademark of INPRISE CORPORATION and property of it’s registered owner.
(Visit them at www.borland.com) Absolutely THE BEST :) C++ development environment!

Paul D. Fincato

Bmp resim formatındaki PCB Dosyalarını Protel pcb Formatına çeviren program Bitmap (BMP)Protel PCB converter

Dosya indirme LINK listesi (TXT formatında) link-31.zip şifre-pass: 320volt.com

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