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Atmel Atmega8-16pu ile Multimetre

“Multimeter” was the only title to me first to einfiel. Voltmeter (only positive DC) 0.00 – 9,99 Volt and 10.0 – 30.0 Volt with automatic range switching.

Frequency counter 0 .. 7999 MHz (theoretisch) with automatic Switching time basis

Logic tester L – prohibited area – H (actually also open line)

The hardware is intentionally minimalist, the Accuracy excitement about 2% frequency approximately 0.1%

atmega8-display atmega8-multi-metre-proje atmel-atmega8-multimetre

delikli-pertinaks-atmel multimetre-calisma pertinaks-alt-lehim


Kaynak: mikrocontroller.net/topic/69021 alternatif link: Atmel Atmega8-16pu ile Multimetre

Dosya indirme LINK listesi (TXT formatında) link-4403.zip şifre-pass: 320volt.com