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AT90S2313P Bilgisayar Kontrollü 8 Kanal 200w Dimer

AT90S2313P 200 watt Dimmer Devre RS232 Portundan kontrol ediliyor MOC3021 Opto Triyak sürücü ile izole edilmiş kontrol programı xp üzerine çalışıyor oldukca basit AT90S2313P için hex asm kodları pcb şema var ayrıca pc programının kaynak kod dosyalarıda var. rs232dimmer.asm, rs232dimmer.hex, dimmer.vbp, dimmer.vbw, dimmer.frx


8 channel mains dimmer

The heart of the dimmer is a ATTiny2313. the AVR performs three tasks: – It receives new data via the com port, – He receives pulses and the power of positive to negative goes and vice versa, this is called the zero crossing. – He makes 8 pulse-width modulated signal (PWM) with a frequency of 100 Hz. these signals are equal to the zero crossings from the mains.

The PWM signals control 8 optotriacs. These are optocouplers but with a built-in low power triac which can switch. In this project be MOC3021 optocoupler used. You can also add other optotriacs use as long as they have no zero-crossing detection, because working not if you want dim.



Dosya ve detaylar http://www.aavrs.nl/projects.php?p=1 alternatif link: AT90S2313P Bilgisayar Kontrollü 8 Kanal 200w Dimer

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