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12 Volt 7 Amper Doğrultucu Devre

The circuit board the power supply (Figure1) consists of a Bridge Rectifiers with downstream E Capacitors. The input AC voltage is 1 and KL on the 6.3-mm plug ST 1 and ST 2. The diode D 1 D 4 to form the bridge rectifier. The low voltage of the river This money Schottky diodes reduced the power loss compared to a silicon diode around half creating a continuous current of up to 7 A is possible. Of course, the diodes in this current chilled, but enough already a small aluminum angle out.


The parallel to the diode-connected Capacitors C 1 to C 4 is intended to Interference suppression. With the two E Capacitors C 5 and C 6, the parallel Smoothed voltage (buffered).

C5,C6 Kondansatörleri 4700uf


Kaynak: http://www.elv-downloads.de/service/manuals/V42N/65860_Netzteil_V42N_km.pdf alternatif link: 12 Volt 7 Amper Doğrultucu Devre

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