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10 Led Göstergeli Ultrasonik Park Sensörü

Ultrasonik mesafe ölçer, Ultra sonik park sensör devresi cmos ve opamp entegreler üzerine kurulu mesafe gösterimi ledler ile devrede iki adet Ultrasonik alıcı kullanılmış UST-40R ve UST-40T

Distance measurement using ultrasound is already widely used. We provide an easy to implement distance measurement and display circuit, is universally applicable. About an LED chain is the distance before a Ultrasonic sensor located opposite stand.

When one thinks of the convenient “contactless” Measuring distances falls, sure almost every first “radar” a, a distance measuring method since the standard in the Air and Shipping is to distances and To determine speeds. For a short However, distances has in the past 20 years ultrasonic measuring method established that much easier and is to implement cost-effective and also not with high-energy radio waves works.


Kaynak: http://www.elv-downloads.de/service/manuals/UAM1/46178_UAM1_km.pdf alternatif link: 10 Led Göstergeli Ultrasonik Park Sensörü

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